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Here at Contented Dogs we are constantly striving to make the adventures the best they can possibly be for your pups. We are always looking for new things to include to keep your pups as content and fulfilled as possible. 

Our range of adventures are not just a walk for your dogs, they are so much more than that. They are very structured (but in a fun way!) and follow our tried and tested system which ensures your dogs get to enjoy a whole host of activities while they are out, that are all designed to be stimulating for them, as well as fun! They do get to see and play with their doggy mates but they also play with us too and are learning all the time. 


Our adventures are packed full of basic and trick training, scent and toy games, cuddles and much more.


The benefits of this are huge, your dogs are not only tired and happy physically but also mentally, which is incredibly important for our pups. 

Our group adventures are limited to a maximum of six dogs at a time to ensure they all receive the attention and care that they deserve.

There are many great places that we regularly walk nearby and being based in Wiltshire means we are lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the beautiful surrounding countryside when walking your dogs.


We will collect your dog from your house and transport them to the chosen location where the adventure will commence. All of us at Contented Dogs carry fully stocked canine first aid kits in our vehicles. At Contented Dogs we are also registered with DEFRA as transporters of animals and hold a UK Animal Transporter Authorisation (Council Regulation EC No 1/2005 Article 10). 






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