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Choosing a dog walker

When choosing a dog walker or sitter for your dog it can be confusing as there is a lot of choice and unfortunately very little regulation in this field. However there are certain things you can look for. Firstly check that they are fully insured, at the very minimum they should have public liability insurance but it is better if they have more comprehensive insurance that covers your dog whilst in their care as well as key cover amongst other things. If they board in their home they also need to be licensed through the council who set strict guidelines in order to keep your dogs safe and happy. Another good one to check is how many dogs are walked at one time. Some dogs do well in groups but others prefer walks on their own or in smaller groups. Check how your dog will be transported, is the vehicle safe and suitable to transport dogs? What experience or qualifications do they have? While not essential it is certainly useful! If they are qualified in canine first aid this is also a bonus. Whilst all good dog walkers will take great care of your pets, accidents can happen so it is useful if they know how to help in this situation. A DBS check is also great for peace of mind, especially if they will be holding a key to your home.

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