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About us

Contented Dogs was started originally because of my little old man Finnegan. I grew up locally in Marlborough but moved with my husband to Northern Ireland for a couple of years, which is where we found Finnegan. 
When we moved back over from Northern Ireland in 2010 I had been offered an admin job in the stock brokers where I worked before we left. But things had changed, we now had this little stubborn, opinionated but incredibly loving stumpy ball of fluff and I just didn't want to leave him all day. 
I had always wanted to work with animals having had dogs and cats my whole life, but Finnegan inspired me to go for it and it seemed the right time to make a change. So me and Finnegan set ourselves up with all the necessary training and insurance and off we went. He used to come on most, if not all, of the walks with me until his slipped disc left him paralysed. Since his surgery he’s come on leaps and bounds and is now back up to an hour most days. 
It’s ironic really, as he doesn't really like walking, he never has done. I think this is my fault for walking him too much when he was little (more than I should have!) I think I put him off lol! So for a long time I must have been the only dog walker with a dog who doesn't like walking, not the best advertisement for my services I know! 
Luckily we also have two working cockers, Cherry and Sienna now who very much like walking so more than makes up for his laziness and he is delighted to not have to accompany me to work all day lol. I couldn't love this little old man more if I tried, he’s thirteen now and has been through so much with me and it’s him I have to thank for being able to do this job, which means the world to me. 

As much as I love the adventure side of the business, training and in particular training gundogs, is my real passion so I spent a couple of years studying with the Gundog Trainers Academy, qualifying in 2021 as a gundog trainer. Since then I have been offering a range of gundog training options, including group courses, 1-2-1 training and workshops. 

Me and Cherry have been beating on local shoots for years now, she's a brilliant little working dog, who is never happier than when the beating clothes come out in the morning as she knows she is going to spend the day doing her favourite thing! Sienna is still very young but is in training, I'm hoping to work her too when she is old enough. 

I am very lucky to be joined by Ruth too on the adventure side of the business, who is fantastic with all of the dogs, who love her very much. Ruth has been with us for over five years now. She's an integral part of Contented Dogs now and we couldn't be without her!



Becky Oldfield

Owner and Trainer


Ruth Brunt

Canine Adventure Manager

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