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60 minutes £60

Do you prefer to work in a 1-2-1 setting rather than a group? Do you have specific issues you would like help with? Do you think a group setting would not be the most beneficial way to train for your dog?


In that case you may prefer our one to one sessions. A one hour one to one lesson tailored to you and your dog, held at our private training field in Collingbourne Kingston. ​

This includes an electronic report following the lesson covering everything we have worked on and homework. 

Click HERE to see all available slots for one to ones (these will be updated each week so do check back if none are suitable)



3, 4 and 6 Session Packages available, prices starting from £175

Is your recall less than reliable? Maybe your pup recalls like a champ at home but as soon as you add distractions it goes out the window and you’re fed up of spending your walks stressed and worried about where your pup has disappeared to.


How about your heelwork? Are they glued to your side or are you getting fed up of being dragged down the street?


Or do you own a gundog breed and would just like to give them an outlet for their natural drives and build a better relationship with them, working together in a way they were made for, before they find their own outlets, such as disappearing over the horizon chasing pheasants?


Sometimes, a single 1-2-1 lesson can achieve an awful lot and give you some great tools to work on whatever issue you are having. More often than not though, one session is simply not enough to really fix the problem, and several sessions tailored to you and your dog can really get to the bottom of the issue and get you back on track and enjoying your time together again. Our brand new range of 1-2-1 training packages might be just what you’re looking for! All are on a 1-2-1 basis and can be tailored to you and your requirements. The deluxe packages include a free starter pack of essentials to get you started on your gundog training journey. This can be added to the basic package for an additional £15. 

Click HERE to see all available packages 



Six week courses, consisting of weekly hour group lessons from £150

Group classes can be a great way to cover a range of topics, whilst helping teach your dog how to work and focus in the presence of other dogs. ​

We currently run foundation and intermediate gundog courses. All are held at our private training field in Collingbourne Kingston. 

The courses include a welcome pack with some essentials to get you started, an email report after each lesson recapping what was covered and access to a private whatsapp group for the duration of the course, enabling you to submit videos for feedback. 

Click HERE to see all available courses and book online



Two hour workshop £60

Workshops will be advertised here as and when they are available, watch this space! 

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