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During lockdown, many dogs have struggled to cope with the huge changes to their daily routine, and many have had to settle for reduced walks too. This has led to lots of bored and stressed dogs and owners feeling guilty or anxious that they can't do enough for them.


It has also led to a lot of dogs that are now accustomed to their owners being with them all of the time, which may lead to problems when everyone returns to work and school.


I had to temporarily close my business during lockdown but used the time to set up an online group for local dog owners full of free tips and also recently published a book on easy ways to entertain dogs when walks are limited. 

It contains tips to help you find new and easy ways to entertain and tire out your bored pooch, most of which you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home. It will also show you how you can curb their excess energy, including using games and tricks as well as help you to prepare them for being left alone again.

These are especially useful lately, when we have been limited on how often and where we can walk our dogs. I know lockdown seems to be easing (keeping my fingers firmly crossed!!) but all of these things can be done anytime, after all it’s not only during a global pandemic that our dogs need to be kept happy and stimulated!

If you would like to buy a copy check out this link (and if you have time would you mind leaving me a review, I would hugely appreciate it)



I dont know if you've heard of The Long and Short Magazine, but if not it's a fairly new publication for dachshund owners and I would highly recommend it, it is packed full of articles and stories. 

This issue also includes an article that I wrote on mental stimulation for your pups and things that you can include in your own walks for your dogs. 


Follow the below link to grab your copy of issue one, which contains my article. 

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