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Is your dog home alone while you are out at work?


Do you worry about them being stuck at home bored and/or chewing your house up?


Are you struggling to find the time to give your precious pups everything that they need?


More and more dogs end up in rescue centres these days as they have developed behavioural problems, many of which can be alleviated with proper exercise and mental stimulation.


This is where we come in. Contented Dogs is not your average dog walker. In fact we don’t offer walks at all, instead we provide premium adventures for your pups, which are all packed full of activities, games and training all of which are designed to ensure your pup comes home tired and above all content. Treat your dog to one of our adventures, they deserve more than just a walk. 


Contented Dogs is run by Becky Oldfield, author of How To Transform Your Bored Pup Into A Contented Dog



Is your dog embarrassing you on walks by running up to other people and dogs? 

Is their rusty recall letting them down?

Are you worried about losing them on a walk or them running off? 

Now more than ever, it is important to have a solid recall in place with your dog. Recall is arguably one of the most important skills your dog needs to learn and is probably the most reliable way to keep them safe on walks. If you can’t let your dog off lead it can also be hard to give them the exercise and stimulation that they need, which can lead to all sorts of behavioural problems.

But help is here! Recall is one of our top priorities here at Contented Dogs and is something we work on with every single dog on every single adventure.  Our tried and tested signature G.U.N.D.O.G system teaches your dog to want to stay close, while improving their recall along the way. 

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We can't rate Becky highly enough. The fantastic service she provides is second to none. Coupled with this she has been absolutely amazing helping us with Murphy's training, especially his recall. Becky's expertise and professionalism are top notch, she understands the psychology of dogs, which is amazing. We trust her implicitly and would not have anyone else take Murphy out.

Cindy and Kevin, Murphy

I cannot recommend Becky and Contented Dogs highly enough. We have had a bad experience with a previous dog walker in Surrey so were anxious when moving to a new area nearly 3 years ago. Thank goodness we found Becky. She is so friendly,caring, professional and accommodating at short notice. Our 3 year old cockapoo absolutely adores Becky as I'm sure do all the other dogs she walks.

Heidi and Steve, Daisy 


Do you have a high energy dog who is bored and getting under your feet?

Are you struggling to meet all of their needs and they're starting to look for their own fun?

Or do you just want the absolute best for your pup? 

Maybe you've looked at dog walkers before but they weren't quite what you were looking for and you know that a bog standard hour walk just wont cut it for your dog. Trust me, I know how you feel, I have a working cocker!  

There is another option though. If you are looking for the best adventure you can give your dog, you have come to the right place. Here at Contented Dogs we are the original canine adventure specialists in the area and have spent a lot of time creating our signature PLATINUM ADVENTURE, which is unique to us and completely different to any other services offered in this area. 

It's not just about the extra time though, it's what we do with that time. Who wants to just walk when you can be playing carefully tailored games that give them an outlet for their natural behaviours (practising hunting for toys and food with us might just help curb that burning desire to disappear for half an hour hunting rabbits and ignoring your calls!), playing with friends but in a controlled and safe environment, or brushing up on their training, whether that be the basics, tricks or the gundog basics. 

We are not your average dog walker. We do not just take dogs for a walk. We carefully structure our adventures to keep your dogs safe and to ensure all of their needs are met. Our PLATINUM adventures provide your dog with the exercise, stimulation, entertainment, training and above all fun that they need. If they could choose, you know it would be the platinum! 

To find out more or request an application form get in touch here 

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