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Dangerous Dogs Act

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 doesn’t just deal with banned breeds such as Pit Bulls, it also covers any dog which is deemed to be dangerously out of control. While it may sound like this does not apply to us, there are many situations that us normal dog owners need to be careful to avoid. Your dog does not need to actually injure someone to be classed as dangerously out of control, the person only needs to reasonably fear injury. So for example if your dog charges up to someone at full pelt, while you know they are an absolute softy and only want to say hello that person may be scared of dogs and find this terrifying!

If your dog does injure someone this could be classed as an aggravated offence and this does not need to be an actual bite, it could be as simple as your dog tripping someone up or accidentally scratching or bruising someone while jumping up at them.

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