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Spring and Summer advice

It almost feels like we have skipped spring altogether and jumped straight to summer but as it is technically spring still, I thought I would share some hazards for your dogs to be aware of at this time of year. Being Easter chocolate is a big one. Most of you are probably aware already that chocolate is toxic to your dogs. Some types are more toxic than others but it is safer to keep all chocolate (and sweets) away from your pup. At this time of year, flowers are also in abundance. Some however are highly toxic to dogs. Common examples include daffodil bulbs, lily of the valley, amaryllis bulbs, rhododendrons, azalea and yew to name but a few. Please see this more comprehensive list on the Kennel Club for more information General Advice.

Spring can also (if we are lucky with the weather!) signal the start of BBQ season. We all love a BBQ but we need to be careful with our pups, who unfortunately love certain parts of a BBQ that are not good for them! Be careful if feeding scraps to your dogs, cooked bones can be extremely dangerous and should never be given as they can splinter. Alcohol and corn on the cobs should also never be given to dogs and neither should onions. Be careful with anything on skewers too, Finnegan once managed to pinch a chicken kebab and swallowed the wooden skewer whole! Luckily he brought it back up whole and was fine after but it could have been a lot worse! Dogs should also be kept away from the BBQ itself to avoid injury.

Allergies can also flare up in your dogs at this time of year. Just like us they can be susceptible to seasonal irritants such as pollens, grasses and certain plants. Fleas and ticks are also starting to become more prevalent this time of year so make sure your pups’ treatments are up to date.

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