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You can't teach an old dog new tricks...

You have probably heard the common saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” But did you know that this is not at all true. Most dogs, no matter what their age, thrive when learning and trick training with your dog has so many benefits. It increases your dog’s confidence both in themselves and in you and it also has health benefits too, such as increased flexibility and muscle tone (depending on what tricks they are learning). It is also really good fun and deepens the bond you share together. My little old man Finnegan is easily the better of my two at tricks. Cherry is better trained in general (Finnegan makes his own rules up as he goes these days!) but he is the master of tricks and has a vast array of things he can do, from simple things such as down or high five to more complicated ones such as marching in sync with me or weaving through my legs as I walk. His age doesn’t stop him at all, he takes a little longer to learn something new than he did when he was a pup but he usually gets there in the end. Why not find out what motivates your dog most, whether it be treats, toys, praise or a combination and have a go at teaching your pup something new, you will both enjoy it! We now include activities such as these on our adventures and all the dogs, no matter what their age, have been thoroughly enjoying it. For more information please check out our range of adventures.

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